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Solid WP Security

You can’t be everywhere, all the time, but bad actors who want to hack your site, steal your data, and cripple your business are a 24/7/365 threat. 

Solid Security Pro protects your WordPress website even when your attention is elsewhere thanks to our unique Patchstack integration. 

When Patchstack is enabled, vulnerabilities are automatically patched, before you even get a chance to take action. No more worrying about the potential impact of not responding to a vulnerability fast enough. Solid Security Pro with Patchstack took care of it for you. 

What about all those times when a fix has not yet been issued by a plugin developer or vendor? We’ve got you covered there too. 

A trusted WordPress plugin brand since 2008, was rebranded as SolidWP to focus on its strongest and longest-supported products, including BackupBuddy, which is now Solid Backups. Solid Backups integrates with Solid Central and Solid Security to form Solid Suite: three integrated layers in a solid foundation for any WordPress website.

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