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WP-Armour Extended

WP Armour Extended is an incredibly valuable addition to the ultimate line of defense, as it comes loaded with an extensive suite of robust security features that will help you safeguard your WordPress website from harmful cyber threats.

At its core, this high-performing security plugin functions to counteract malicious attacks and demote potential security vulnerabilities. Specifically, WP Armour Extended is designed to provide advanced security solutions that can effectively shield your website against various types of security breaches and hacker attempts.

The security plugin offers top-of-the-line two-factor authentication features, a firewall to block attacks from dubious IPs and botnets, brute force protection options that prevent unauthorized access by guessing your password, and a malware scanner that works seamlessly in the background to identify and isolate any harmful code or malware that might have made its way into your WordPress website.

WP Armour Extended is a remarkable weapon to have in your arsenal, working around the clock to provide powerful security defenses, timely security updates, and first-class support for the enhancement of your WordPress site’s overall security posture.

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